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There's a version of ChassisSim to suit everyone.

ChassisSim Express

This Porche gained 3 seconds a lap when fitted with the springs & dampers recommended by ChassisSim

This entry-level version of ChassisSim is designed for the club racer or street enthusiast with one car. It allows you to test the basic components of your car that you would normally change like springs.

This version is limited to a one-car template, a fixed selection of springs, anti rollbars, ride heights and other setup parameters. The template can be tailor made to suit your car by your ChassisSim dealer.

ChassisSim Lite allowed the Gatorz racing team to continually upgrade their performance.

ChassisSim Club

This version of ChassisSim is ideal for the street enthusiast or club racer who has more than one car. This version of ChassisSim is fixed to a limited number of car templates, a fixed selection of springs, bars and other setup parameters for each car and the advanced dialogs are omitted. You can have multiple car templates and the choice of springs and bars tailored to your requirements by your ChassisSim dealer.

ChassisSim Lite

The Lite version is designed for medium level race teams, or the club racer who wants to take their analysis to the next level. In addition to all the features of the Club version, you can now choose various springs, bars and suspension geometry options, as well as add your own car templates. However the advanced dialogs are omitted.

In this way, it also functions as the ultimate driver training tool; drivers will know exactly where to brake, turn in and apply the throttle. It will show where those precious tenths of a second can be gained, as well as quickly revealing the effect of any setup changes on the cars performance.

ChassisSim Standard

This version is designed for professional motorsport teams. The templates can be made to suit the various cars being raced. The specification of springs, anti roll bars, shock absorbers can be input. ChassisSim is used by professional races teams in A1, F3, F3000, and V8 Supercar. There are advanced dialogs that allow you to dial in aeromaps and specify non-linear springs and bump rubbers. This is also the base version on which the toolboxes are added.

ChassisSim Elite

This is the full version of ChassisSim, including all the toolboxes. This version allows component and set up testing at its most advanced level. Its capabilities are perfectly suited to component designers and engineers involved in vehicle dynamic research.

Overview of ChassisSim Versions

Express Club Lite Standard Elite
Lap time prediction
Multiple Car Templates  
Various Setup Components    
Advanced Modelling Dialog      
Toolboxes N/A N/A N/A All ChassisSim Toolboxes are compatible All ChassisSim Toolboxes are compatible
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* Click here to see ChassisSim Toolbox features.
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ChassisSim Online Simulation


Minimum computer requirements:

  • Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Win XP
  • 32 Mb RAM
  • PIII 700Mhz
  • 10 Mb of hard disk space

Model specifications:

  • Aero maps 11 by 9 maps for downforce, drag and aero balance
  • 10 element table for the horsepower curve.
  • 2 x 200 element table for the tyre force curve.
  • 3 x 10 element table to specify the damper curve.
  • The ability to model third spring and damper
  • Ability to model bump rubbers with the appropriate packer gaps.
  • Ability to model dynamically double wishbone and live axle suspensions

Data logging outputs:

  • Data log at 50 Hz to Motec Interpreter and I2, PI V6 Analysis.