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V8 Supercar

V8 Supercar: preparing for a race weekend

Using ChassisSim, the team was able to not only prepare a basic car setup well in advance of hitting the track, but they also ran a series of optimisations that gave the team and driver options they could revisit as the weekend, and the races, unfolded.
Download the V8 Supercar Case Study (PDF, 504K)

Formula 3

F3: between practice sessions, solving understeer in a high-speed corner

During practice the car suffered understeer in a high speed corner. Using ChassisSim, the team were able to quickly pinpoint the problem, and improve performance for later sessions.
Download the F3 Case Study (PDF, 516K)

F3000: analysing setup changes in wet conditions

Download the F3000 Case Study (PDF, 396K)

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